Experienced Taxation Advice.

Business Services

Lawes Street Accounting Services include:

  • Working with families to structure succession plans and manage estate planning to ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of family businesses to the next generation
  • Preparing business plans
  • Advising on the best structure for a business
  • Preparing financial appraisals
  • Conducting due diligence when a client is considering buying or selling a business
  • Advising on the involvement of other professional service entities to ensure smooth business management
  • Consulting and advising on the choice and installation of accounting systems and software, including working with suppliers on your behalf to ensure smooth and efficient transition
  • Budget and cash flow planning to manage the growth and profitability of the client’s business
  • Establishing working capital requirements
  • Preparation of financial statements for potential lenders
  • Assessment and advice on the financial implications of contracts, leases and interest rates before clients make a commitment
  • Advice to help turn around struggling businesses
  • Consulting and advice to clients as required – we aim to be pro-active and anticipate client needs and help them recognise opportunities

If you’re planning business changes or a major investment, seeking professional business advice before taking action can save significant amounts of money.

If you would like to discuss our business services, please contact us by email or phone staff@www.lawesstreetaccounting.com.auor phone 4933 0393

At every stage of their growth, from start-up to large enterprise, businesses can benefit from sound advice that goes beyond the essentials of accounting, taxation and audit. With more than fifty years experience in providing a full range of business services to our clients, Lawes Street Accounting, Taxation and Business Services is well placed to provide that support.

Strategic planning and timely advice can make all the difference in your business reaching its potential. For our practice that means not only staying abreast of legislative changes and keeping clients up to date, but also helping clients recognise or take advantage of new opportunities as they appear. We have worked closely with many clients as they have grown their businesses from small to medium, and even very large, enterprises.